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What Ails Indian Education?

India ranked 72nd, the second lowest, among the 73 countries in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) conducted by OECD in 2012 for 15 year olds. China's Shanghai was 1st. India's higher education system has been ranked 48th (LAST) while USA was 1st in a study by Universitas 21, a global network of research universities

Something ails our school education and higher education, the reputation of IITs and IIMs notwithstanding. We focus on scoring top marks in standardised tests and competitive exams and not on learning for the most part. Crowded classrooms, inadequate infrastructure and lack of trained and motivated teachers are some of the causes of the problems being faced by Indian education.

Online education cannot replace a classroom environment and teacher and peer interaction but it can provide that much needed value add to students' learning.  Online education is well suited to today's children who are digital natives and are very comfortable in interfacing with a screen.

The past two decades have seen tremendous advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, email and Social Media empowering people of all age groups especially the youth and young learners who embrace technologies more easily than their parents and teachers.

Limitations of school curriculum:

School curriculum has changed very little in its format, pedagogy and content since the era of industrial revolution. We are now in 21st Century which is heralded as the knowledge age mainly on account of the breakthroughs in computers and telecommunications, often referred to as internet and communications technologies (ICTs).

The advances in computer science which have impacted every field of learning like math, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, geography etc are yet to impact the foundation level for all knowledge i.e School Education. ICTs will certainly, if not already, impact school education in a very fundamental way that Guttenberg’s printing press has impacted learning and education in the medieval period.

While curriculum can be frustrating for any average student, one can imagine the plight of the bright and talented students who are ahead of the curve and tech savvy by default. They are being taught through an outdated curriculum by teachers who are not inclined to change their age old lesson plans, teaching resources and worksheets. Very often, it is the rare breed of dedicated school teachers who inspire students but curriculum can become a constraint in what and how much the student can learn at a particular stage.

The standard school curricula does not develop creativity and critical thinking but encourages cramming and repetitive practice which are useful to score in final exams or prepare for entrance exams to get into good Colleges and Universities. The ‘good colleges and universities’ are then expected to prepare you to step into the world.

Addressing the challenges:

To make a beginning to address the challenges faced by school educators in a resource rich knowledge era, we decided to use technology to teach Computer Science and Math courses online to make up for what students miss in standard school curricula.  

We have developed MyPal Online Learning Environment to enable schools and teachers to integrate technology into curriculum and lesson plans and for online assessment and evaluation. Through a blended learning environment, Students can have 24x7 access to their courses, multimedia content and assignments.

An LMS based course would encourage active learning and bring alive the traditional text books with interactive multimedia. LMS can reduce the burden of paperwork on teachers and leave with them sufficient time to innovate & teach. Teachers can spend more time helping children with self learning strategies and help children think on their own and relate their learning to their every day lives and experiences.

Combined with hosted LMS for Schools we can have an India reach to transform high school education. Our goal is to provide Indian students with the same learning opportunities as their peers in OECD countries and prepare them for global careers.

MyPal’s objective is to leverage technology to provide goal oriented personalized learning for imparting skills required for 21st century knowledge age.


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