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12 September 2013 By In MyPal Blog

In this extremely interesting TED video, Conrad Wolfram, British technologist and business and founder of Computer-based Math talks about the need for reforming maths curriculum and the way it is taught. He highlights the need for using technology extensively in maths education.

12 September 2013 By In MyPal Blog

Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, author of the bestselling book ‘Mindset : The Psychology of Success’  give a simple technique to develop a positive mindset in children.  In her book Dr Dweck refers to positive mindset as the ‘Growth Mindset’ and negative mindset as ‘Fixed Mindset’ .

12 September 2013 By In MyPal Blog

Arvind Mahankali, a 13year old from NY wins the Scripps National Spelling Bee  not on account of any blessing or luck.  It is the result of focus and solid preparation. Over four years, Arvind spent more than 5,000 hours studying more than 300,000 words. He now estimates that he’s committed about half of those words to memory.

12 September 2013 By In MyPal Blog

NCERT has recently released ‘Curricula for ICT in Education’ Ver 1.01 in August 2013, for classes VI to XII in Indian schools, which covers teacher training in ICTs and syllabus for students.  The teacher training consists of 90days of face-to-face and online training for 146days to qualify and obtain a 2 year Diploma in ICTs in Education.  The Students syllabus consist of 90 weeks of class work of 3 hours per week i.e, 270 hours over three years.

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