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Sample Math Games

Gift a unique future to your child.

Our courses are self paced and introduce mathematical concepts intuitively and prompt creative and logical thinking. This is exactly the opposite of "tell-then-drill"approach, that happens in a classroom, that deprives students of independent thinking and the joy of learning mathematics.

These courses, developed by, EMF from IMACS, USA, use dynamic tools to engage the minds of bright and talented children. Interactive exercises, games and puzzles encourage students to think deeply about the mathematics they are learning.

Let your child discover the magic of learning Math with fun, interactive and challenging courses that pave the way for academic success, be it in IIT's or MIT ! 

Do you wish to know if your child is suitable for these courses?  Try the Interactive Math games given below.


From operational Systems

Crack the code!


Build a Machine Diagram


From operational Systems

Play the clock 12 Addition Game


From Sets, Subsets and Operations on Sets

Play the string Game


From Sets, Subsets and operations on Sets

Try the Bean Machine

bean machine


From Ordered n-Tuples




From Mapping

Circular Slide Rule

slide rules


From Probability

Sikinian marriage laws

marriage law


From Probability

Monty Hall Puzzle

hall puzzle

The above set of interactive games will give you an idea about the structure and content of each course. In addition there are virtual classrooms, narrated animations and lessons that keep the child engaged and challenged.

Let your child learn Math in a fun and interactive way and pave the way for academic success ! Enroll now

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