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Joy of Learning Computer Science in the Age of Facebook

10 March 2014 By In MyPal Blog

Interesting interview with Stanford Professor, Mehran Sahami, where in he says “When people see companies like Google and Facebook being founded by relatively young people, they feel empowered and think: I can do that.”  Over the last two decades, it can be argued, no area of study has seen larger growth in span and general application than computer science. Today, computer science encompasses everything from bio-statistics to computer animation to start-ups.  He further says “You take your average high school, and kids have several years of math classes, they have several years of science classes, several years of English, options for various kinds of vocational training, or history, or economics. But very few schools actually offer real computer science classes.”

MyPal’s advice to Parents and Students is summed by very well by the Stanford Professor as “The ability to program or to understand different aspects of computing systems really involves clarity of thought. If you’re going to program a computer, you need to specify a set of instructions for the computer to execute, and those have to be sufficiently clear to get your problem solved. Otherwise, you have errors. Just having the clarity of thinking to lay out instructions is an analytical skill that’s useful for everyone.”

MyPal feels that in the 80′s and 90′s students could start Computer Science courses in their first year of undergrad or even 2nd year of engineering but now starting early and getting a head start is quite important and there is really no need to wait until undergrad to learn the principles of computer science.  It is more a mind set and limitation of school curricula in incorporating Computer Science rather than using Computer and Software.  Parents could wait for school boards to change the curriculum or take the initiative on their own by checking out MyPal Online School’s computer science courses for bright kids

Read more of Mehran Sahami’s interview

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