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CS: Java Programming

Java Programming

This Java Programming course will be a good foundation course for students who wish to specialize in Java Programming and obtain Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) certification from Oracle. This self-contained, interactive course features an online Java compiler, interactive exercises and tests, and student projects. This course is  designed to be studied either at a student's own pace. This flexibility allows the more capable/talented students to proceed rapidly at their own pace (and even study the optional, advanced topics), and simultaneously guide the progress of students of lesser ability or motivation. This intellectual adventure begins with our Free Aptitude Test CSAT.

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New Section : Android App Development

This advanced tutorial introduces students to the app development process, from setting up the integrated development environment (IDE) to programming a game app to running it on a mobile Android device. Important aspects of the larger development process are also covered, including an understanding of key technical terminology, how various components of the project code fit together, and how to implement modifications and updates. IMACS provides easy-to-follow instructions for obtaining and installing the Java Development Kit, the Android Developer Tools, and an IDE. Just bring your Java knowledge, computer, and a mobile Android device.

Note: The Android app tutorial includes a hands-on section utilizing the accelerometer that is built in to most Android devices. Students without such a device will still be able to complete the majority of the lessons using an Android emulator.

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Interspersed within a well-organized exposition are exercises to be completed using an embedded Java compiler, graded coding tasks, and graded tests. Additional materials include guided programming projects in downloadable PDF format that a student attempts as he or she reaches certain milestones.

Interspersed within a well-organized curriculum are exercises to be completed using an embedded Java compiler, graded labs, and tests that are graded automatically.  Additional features include virtual classrooms, discussion forums, substantial programming projects complete with model solutions.

MyPal courses encourage students to design their own path by exploring deep subjects in a fun and interactive way. Our self paced online courses will challenge students to the best of their abilities.

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